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Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Nine Muses

Parnassus, Andrea Mantegna 

Daughters of the Head of the Greek gods, Zeus and Mnemosyne, Titan goddess of memory and remembrance and the inventor of language and words. Zeus slept with Mnemosyne for nine nights which resulted in their nine daughters.The Muses were born in Pieria. They were brought to life to make the world forget the evil and to relieve the sorrows and to praise the gods, especially the Olympian gods victory over the Titans.

When the Muses were born they were given by their mother to the the Greek god Apollo and the nymph Eufime to be raised.As a result they grew up showing tendencies toward the arts, that was taught by Apollo himself. And because of their dedication to the arts instead of everyday human life, Apollo took the Muses to beautiful Mount Helicon, which is now modern day Mount Elikonas where the older temple of Zeus used to be.

In accordance to Greek mythology, two Muses invented theory and practice in learning, three Muses invented the musical vibrations in the lyre, four Muses invented dialect in the language known at the time- Aeolian, Attica, Dorian and Ionian- and five of the muses the five human senses. Seven Muses developed the seven chords of the lyre, the seven vocals of the Greek alphabet, the seven planets and the seven celestial zones.

Nine Muses Dancing with Apollo- Baldassare Peruzzi 
The Nine Muses are


  1.  Callipoe  Epic poetry  Writing tablet
  2. Clio  History  Scrolls      
  3. Erato  Erotic poetry   Cithara ( a small lyre) 
  4. Euterepe  Song & Elegiac poetry  Aulos ( double flute)
  5. Melpomene  Tragedy  Tragic Mask
  6. Polyhymnia  Hymns  Veil
  7. Terpsichore   Dance   Lyre
  8. Thalia   Comedy   Comic Mask
  9. Urania  Astronomy  Globe and Compass

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