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Friday, July 29, 2011

Tempest Storm

Known as "The Fabulous 4D Girl" Tempest Storm's measurements were or maybe are 44DD-25-35 & naturally red hair. Tempest Storm was born in Eastman, Georgia on February 29, 1928 ( a Leap Year baby) with the name of Annie Blanche Banks. Along with Blaze Starr (can't believe I forgot about her) & Lili St. Cyr, Tempest was one of the best known burlesque queens during the 1950's & '60's. After having survived abuse as a child, a gang rape & two marriages & divorces by the time she was 20 she went to Hollywood, as most do, to seek a new life. She started out as a chorus girl but because of her figure & electric stage personality, Ms. Storm was able to have a very successful burlesque career. She was hired to work the El Rey Theater, in Oakland, California  in 1950. She also performed in other clubs around the country, especially Las Vegas, Nevada. She moved to Portland, Oregon in 1953 to work in the Star Theater. A few months afterwards Ms. Storm started working in a club just down the road, the Capital Theater because her husband at the time, John Becker bought it. The Star Theater owner then brought in rival burlesque star, Arabelle Andre, who just so happened to be john Becker's ex-wife,. This started a "burlesque war" that landed it in Life Magazine on November 30,1953. On a trip to Denver, Colorado to perform at the Tropics Nightclub in 1955, She made a side trip to Boulder to the university of Colorado, where Ms. Storm started a near riot because all she did was remove her mink coat. Other men in her life include Elvis Presley & her 4th and last husband, Herb Jefferies from 1959-1967. He was not only the first black cowboy, but also a singer with Duke Ellington's band. With Herb Jefferies she had her only child, a daughter.

  In the late 1950's she had her moneymakers, her breast, insured with Lloyd's of London for a million dollars. Ms. Storm also acted in some C-grade movies such as: FRENCH PEEP SHOW, PARIS AFTER MIDNIGHT & STRIPTEASE GIRL.

  At times it has been said that Tempest Storm retired from burlesque in her 60's, but as with the reported death of Mark Twain was an exaggeration. To this day in her 80'sshe is still taking it off but "classy"& hosts her own revue in the town where she now resides, Las Vegas.


Tempest Storm in Burlesque U.S.A (1980) at age 52

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