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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Peter Steele

Peter Thomas Ratajczyk aka Peter Steele 
 Born January 4, 1962 in Brooklyn,NY  Peter was the bassist and lead singer of the Gothic metal group "Type O Negative".  Just because his music gave the indication that he did not like women nothing could be farther from the truth. Peter was a surprise for his family he was the youngest of 6 and the only boy with his sister born just before him being 10 years older. So the man was raised to respect women. To me Peter had the most beautiful green eyes. He was absolutely mesmerizing with his green eyes, black hair and 6 ft. 8 in. body. In 1995 in what Peter called "a naive publicity stunt" he posed for Playgirl magazine. He fought many years with substance abuse before finally getting sober & healthy for the last 8 months of his life. He died in Pennsylvania on April14,2010 at the age of 48 of heart failure.

Friday, May 27, 2011

The Birth of Venus

 "The Birth of Venus" was painted by Sandro Botticelli in 1486 in Florence, Italy.

 This is probably my favorite painting for the simplistic reason that I am more comfortable where water is concerned. I think this is because when I was nine weeks old my father carried me into the Gulf of Mexico and salt water has been in my blood ever since. The ocean and its smell can be calming for me and I can get almost the same feeling when I look at this painting. Now don't get me wrong I'm not foolish when it comes to the ocean with hurricanes and such,I have a healthy respect for the ocean and its creatures.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Jennie Lee : The Bazoom Girl

Born in Kansas City, Missouri on October 23,1928. With measurements ranging from 40-28-38 to 44-28-40 it is easy to see why Jennie Lee was called "The Bazoom Girl". her followers wee or are called "Bazoomers. In 1955, she help found The Exotic Dancers League of North America, a union for dancers in Los Angles & acted as its first president. Jennie Lee also opened a museum in Helensdale, California dedicated to burlesque & stripping called "Jennie Lee's Exotic World". Jennie Lee "The Bazoom Girl" died of cancer on March 24,1990.

Pauline Borghese Part 2

Female detractors aside, Pauline soon had, to no one's surprise,a collection of male admirers.

So soon thereafter the incident at the ball, Leclerc was posted abroad & Pauline promptly began having affairs with 3 different men at the same time. They were:General Moreau, the former French Army leader in Germany; the Governor of Versailles, General Etienne-Jacques MacDonald; & finally the man who would become Marquis de Beurnonville, general Pierre de Ruel. Now all three men knew each other & were good friends, yet they all claimed to be ignorant of Pauline seeing all of them at once.That is until she started spreading nasty comment that one of her lovers had made about another. So with this happening the 3 generals met together & compared notes & found out the truth. So in turn they dumped Pauline.

  In 1800, after Napoleon's bloodless coup of France, Leclerc & Pauline, both who were ambitious about his career, were sent to Dijon.  The following year as Lieutenant General of the Army of the Observation of the Gironde, headed for Spain, resulting in little glory. Which did not sit well with Pauline for her sister who was two years younger, Caroline, her husband another one of Napoleon's aides was accelerating while Victor Leclerc's was stalled.

  In 1801 Napoleon recalled Leclerc from his post at Gironde & sent him, Pauline went as well, to Haiti to put down the rebellion that was led by Toussaint L'Ouverture. Once Leclerc regained control of the island he stayed on to govern on France's behalf. Now the gossip about Pauline was going full tilt in Paris. Everything from her promiscuity, including a three way with two other women& lovers of all colors & gender, to interest in the occult. Many of these allegations was part of a smear campaign by the British against napoleon & his family.

    Unfortunately Leclerc's  glory was short lived. For he contracted yellow fever in October of 1802 & even with a short rally he died 10 days later at the age of thirty. At age 22 Pauline was a widowed mother of a 4 year old son.

  Under the Napoleonic Civil Code a woman had to remain in mourning for 10 months. As usual this was not a concern for Pauline because she had a long line of suitors for her hand & admirers. She was also able to connive from her brother, though she inherited  70,000 francs from her husbands will, 300,00 francs in exchange for an elaborate carriage she had previously wanted in order to compete with Caroline. Still young & restless Pauline chaffed at the rules of widowhood & longed to get back into society.


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Apollo Belvedere

Apollo Belvedere is a  marble statue of the Greek god Apollo, from Classical Antiquity. Apollo Belvedere is thought to be a copy of a bronze statue that was made by the Greek sculptor,Leochares.It was discovered in Anzio, Italy, in 1503. From this time until the late 19th century the statue was held in high regard, often copied or sketched.It eventually became to be seen as to cold & academic which led to Apollo Belvedere falling out of favor if not complete neglect. It was originally in the Belvedere Court in the Vatican & is now in the Museum of the Vatican. It is regarded as one of the most nearly perfect representation of the human body.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Pauline Borghese Part 1

Napoleon Bonaparte's sister Pauline Borghese was a nymphomaniac past  the nth degree. So much so that even though she ruined her health she did not let it stop her from having sex.This malady also caused her to be carried most places. But considering how stuck on herself she was there were times when she could have easily walked but just wanted to be carried.

  Born Maria Paola on the island of Corsica in 1780 in a tenement house Pauline was the sixth of seven children. When she was 4 her father, Carlo Buonaparte, died. Napoleon, 12 years her senior, was then sent to military school while she had very little schooling. When Corsica was at war for its independence the Buonaparte family was forced to flee for France in 1793 because of their loyalty to France.At this time Pauline, then known as Paoletta, became more French by changing hr name to Paulette before settling on the name Pauline.

  She was a teenager of fine features & beauty that drew attention, however not all of the attention was favorable. Because of her looks & vivacity Pauline thought she could flirt outrageously & say whatever she liked, when ever she liked.Which of course made her an obnoxious little brat who would, at dinner parties, interrupt more knowledgeable adults & then proceed to make some silly exclamation or laugh at her own joke.

  By the time Pauline was 15 she got engaged to Stanislaus Freron, the pro-Counsul in Marseille. He was twenty-six years her senior. This engagement caused a divide in the Bonaparte family with Napoleon at first supporting the arrangement & their mother,Letizia, being logically against the marriage. Not only was Freron older but he had an Italian actress as a mistress & the had 2 children already & 1 on the way. Due date was around the time of Pauline's & Freron's wedding. As usual Pauline didn't care. Even when Stanislaus Freron got his reckoning by being denounced for embezzlement on March 30,1796 & his mistress came forward, Pauline did not care & kept the engagement. But her brother Napoleon DID care so he told Pauline to leave Marseille & to come to Milan. Which she did, dropping Freron like an apple eaten to its core.

  In Milan she met Victor Emanuel Leclerc. He was one of Napoleon's officers, in his mid-twenties (thank goodness), chiseled & dashing.April 20, 1797 Pauline & Victor announced their engagement. Now the engagement could've come out of love, for Leclerc did love Pauline, but it just as easily could've also come about because of lust. For her brother had caught having sex & at that time, I believe, marriage was the only option.

  Pauline was anything but a blushing bride-to-be. For she knew she was beautiful & desirable & played it to the hilt. For on June 14,1797 Victor & Pauline got married in a civil ceremony outside Milan. Plus she renounced any claim on the Bonaparte family property. A religious ceremony was held that evening. While on their honeymoon Pauline became pregnant. On April 20, 1798 Dermide Louis Napoleon Leclerc was born. His birth would be difficult for his mother & it left her with health problems for the rest of her life. Years later Pauline would be diagnosed with inflammation of  her fallopian tubes. The symptoms include abdominal pain & difficulty walking.This could have been caused by the birth of her son, a multitude of lovers or from the clap. This also resulted in Pauline's insistence over time that she be carried in either a chair or on a litter everywhere.Also in 1801 & several years later, she required a purpose-built girdle to support her pelvis.

  But it was the ill health of Victor Leclerc that led to him resigning his post as Commander in Chief of the Army of Italy & to his wife's delight back to Paris where she could shop. Pauline was eager to make her mark in Paris & quickly became infamous for her wardrobe- or lack thereof.  At a ball given by Madame Permon, an old family friend,  in Pauline's honor  Pauline came in an outfit that would've made Cleopatra jealous. Only to have her evening ruined by an envious guest who pointed out that Pauline's ears were not perfect like the rest of her. With that Pauline went home in tears. 


Monday, May 9, 2011

Gypsy Rose Lee January 8, 1911- April 26, 1970

Queen of the striptease, who always emphasized the tease part, Gypsy Rose Lee was born Rose Louise Hovick in Seattle, Washington on January 8, 1911.She got her start in burlesque in Kansas City on October 6, 1926 at the tender age of 15 in not much more than a grass skirt and did not take much off. Gypsy also brought class and wit to her acts.She moved to New York and became one of the biggest stars of  Minsky's Burlesque. She performed there for 4 years before deciding to go to Hollywood to give acting a try, which was generally panned. Gypsy went back to New York City where she invested and starred  in many of Michael Todd's productions. As well as having an affair with him. She married 3 times. While married to her 2nd husband Gypsy embarked on an affair with director Otto Preminger, with whom she had a child by in December of 1944. Twelve years later she gave up stripping at the age of 42.

  Stripping was not the only thing Gypsy did. She wrote " The G-String Murders" in 1941, which was made into the film, starring Barbara Stanwyck, "Lady Burlesque" in 1943. Gypsy's second murder mystery was "Mother Finds a Body" published in 1942. And of course, a relative send up of her upbringing, her memoir "Gypsy" in 1957. In later years she had a successful television show in San Fransisco for housewives.

  In 1969  Gypsy was diagnosed with lung cancer. This prompted a reconciliation with her sister actress June Havoc, whom she had been estranged from for many years, courtesy of their mother. Gypsy died of lung cancer on April 26, 1970. She was also an animal lover who is credited with establishing one of the first  kennels dedicated to breeding Chinese Crested dogs.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Belles & Beaus

Belles and Beaus  may have slightly risque subject matter so, I did not want to take a chance and offend anyone. It will mainly be in pictures from art and burlesque. Well the belles any way. The beaus will definitely have some artistic influence. Please, "David"! Of Course! But there will be other male influences from other sources. Just what kind  don't know. I am a strong believer in keeping things tasteful.