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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Jennie Lee : The Bazoom Girl

Born in Kansas City, Missouri on October 23,1928. With measurements ranging from 40-28-38 to 44-28-40 it is easy to see why Jennie Lee was called "The Bazoom Girl". her followers wee or are called "Bazoomers. In 1955, she help found The Exotic Dancers League of North America, a union for dancers in Los Angles & acted as its first president. Jennie Lee also opened a museum in Helensdale, California dedicated to burlesque & stripping called "Jennie Lee's Exotic World". Jennie Lee "The Bazoom Girl" died of cancer on March 24,1990.

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  1. Interesting as it wasn't as easy finding info about her for my ExoticCutie site-thanks!