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Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Three Graces

  Raphael painted this oil on panel, of "The Three Graces", from 1501-1505. It is housed at the Musee Conde in Chantilly, France.

  This Neoclassical marble statue of "The Three Graces" was done by Antonio Canova, it was created from 1814-1817. The sculpture is housed in the Knight's Hall at the Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, Russia.

The Three Graces, also known as the Charities, are the Greek goddesses of beauty, charm and joy. Euphrosyne, Thalia and Aglaia are the daughters of Zeus, the head of the Greek gods, and Eurynome an Oceanid, an ocean nymph. The Three Graces presided over sociable events like dances and banquets and brought joy and goodwill to both mortals and gods. They were also the attendants of Aphrodite and Eros and along with their companions, the Muses, they sang for the gods on Mount Olympus and when accompanied by the god Apollo on his lyre, they would also dance for the gods.

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